Why Full DMARC Protection is a Pressing Business Imperative in 2020 and Beyond

#1 Digital Transformation Has Left You Open to Attack

Shoving 10 years of digital transformation into six short months is no easy feat, but that’s what has seemed to have happened so far in 2020. With offices shuttered, entire workforces at home, and demand for mobile-first experiences at the fore, it’s easy to see how operational priorities could put DMARC on the back burner. But that probably is not a smart move.

#2 Delaying DMARC Makes You a Preferred Target

Failure to deploy DMARC across all your corporate domains isn’t just asking for trouble anymore. Now, it can put you at the top of the target list.

#3 Your Entire Supply Chain is at Risk

These B2B brand impersonations aren’t just one-offs anymore, either. Some email crime rings impersonate senior executives to fool accounting staffers into sending them financial aging reports, which are then used to target dozens or even hundreds of the company’s customers requesting payment on legitimate past-due invoices.

#4 Case Law and Industry Regulations Put You On the Hook

If lost business, reputational damage, and direct financial theft aren’t enough to dial-up DMARC to the top of your Do-Now list, how about some hefty regulatory fines?

DMARC Made Easy

While deploying DMARC on a small scale (e.g., single domain) is relatively simple, implementing it at scale can get very complicated, very fast.



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