Ticket to Fraud: Airline Industry Sees Increased Consumer Phishing Scams

Flights to Nowhere Enable Phishing Attacks

One of the latest scams making the rounds involves fake messages being sent that seek to mimic a ticket confirmation email — usually for an international flight. The phisher hopes the recipient panics, thinking that someone else has purchased tickets using their credentials, in hopes of getting them to click through before they have a chance to think rationally.

Cutting Off Cybercriminals at the Pass

This is why it’s critical that airlines, in particular, implement Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) protocols, which provide the ability to protect your brand from unauthorized use and domain spoofing. DMARC is an open standard that aims to ensure only authorized senders can use an organization’s domain name in emails; implementing the policy makes it harder for cybercriminals to pull off the types of phishing scams mentioned above — as it takes away the ability to impersonate the domain.

Automating Highly Manual Processes to Fly Free

For large and more complex organizations, DMARC protocols can be difficult to implement. But that is simply no excuse for some of the largest business-to-consumer companies in the world. By using technology that uses advanced machine learning techniques to detect and cut-off phishing emails and automates the implementation process, cybercriminals will have to massively change their tactics to defraud customers using your domain.



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