The Intelligent Inbox: Email Security of Tomorrow, Today

Six Degrees of Impersonation

Indeed, while some fraudulent messages have malware attachments or malicious links, the most sophisticated attacks take advantage of emotional responses that are inherent to human behavior — emotions such as fear, anxiety, and curiosity. And they rely on social engineering to make recipients believe they’re responding to a trusted friend or colleague.

The Rise of ‘The Intelligent Inbox’

As the risks of BEC, executive spoofing, and other scams increasingly come to light, many organizations make the mistake of fighting the last battle, increasing security controls in the wake of a successful attack. Others at least go a step further, training and re-training employees to spot and report phishing emails. But this can be counterproductive as an overabundance of false alarms raised to the SOC can be costly to manage.

More Smarts, Less Uncertainty?

As for the business benefits of this safer, smarter approach to email security? Unbeatable.



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