Social Engineering: The Weapon of Choice for Email Scammers

Double Trouble with BEC

But how can this really be possible? How can smart people be fooled into revealing sensitive information or wiring money (and apparently lots of it), simply by receiving an email purporting to come from a known business or individual?

Angles of Attack with Social Engineering

Today, a typical business email compromise campaign will snare its first victim in just under four minutes, often with queries about a past-due invoice or updates to payment details. More recently, we’ve seen criminals asking for gift cards, which are typically easier to obtain and less likely to raise alarm across the organization.

Fast Money, Long-Lasting Effects from Email Scams

Phishing attacks targeting consumers typically involve impersonating well-known brands from a variety of sectors. Consumer packaged goods, media, retail, fast food, real estate, banking, government, and just about any other industry you can imagine can be leveraged as the bait in a phishing scam.

Traditional Email Security Isn’t Enough

Unfortunately, while traditional secure email gateways (SEGs) and other email security solutions are generally quite good at ferreting out malicious links and malware, they haven’t proven effective at countering fraud attacks that are primarily propelled by social engineering.



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