Phishing & BEC Scams Soar 3000%: Agari H2 2020 Email Fraud and Identity Deception Trends Report

Phishing Surge: Two-Thirds of Email-based Identity Deception Scams Pose as Brands

In mid-March, email attacks leveraging the coronavirus outbreak erupted with the number of imposters posing as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other healthcare-related brands jumping light years beyond levels seen in early February.

BEC: Impersonating Trusted Individuals Takes New Twists, Pays Big

As the weeks wore on, these larger-scale attacks gave way to brazen new forms of BEC.

Fresh Riffs, Same Costly Song

Despite all this, COVID-themed cons began to trail off by mid-June, replaced by the familiar rhythm of BEC. Though that’s not to say things returned to whatever use to pass as “normal.”

Second-Half Outlook: ATO Outbreak Ahead?

Even as the specific feints used by phishing and BEC groups evolve with major news events and macroeconomic trends, the cyclical nature of advanced email threats remains remarkable consistent.



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