Expanding Email Security One Post at a Time — Experiences of a Digital Marketing Intern

4 min readSep 4, 2019


This blog post was originally found on the Agari Email Security blog.

By Taylor La

Agari is more than an email security company that detects cyberattacks. It is a community that supports career growth. Working at Agari over the summer course, I had the opportunity to participate in marketing projects and develop new skill sets that will enable me to be more successful both at school and post-graduation.

The Task At Hand

As a digital marketing intern, I became familiar with WordPress, which builds the foundation of our website platform. I assisted the marketing team by publishing HTML content for whitepapers, case studies, and ebooks — a necessary step to helping Google better crawl our content. Along with attending weekly digital marketing and monthly all-hands meetings, I became included in the company’s brand strategy and marketing updates.

I learned about creative content strategies to keep viewers engaged. We prioritized keywords to increase visibility and build our content strategy forward. This helped our goal to increase the recognition of our company’s mission — to protect digital communications to ensure humanity prevails over evil — and ensure that victims of email scams have somewhere to turn.

What I Loved About Agari

Entering into Agari, I already felt comfortable in my new home away from home. The office has an open collaborative environment where all departments are visible, and there are no designated restrictions to your work setting. You can sit at a conference room, kitchen, or lounging area to enjoy a 360° view of Foster City. The Agari office was a great place to spend my summer as I saw the beautiful lagoons every day, even the skyscrapers of San Francisco.

Nevertheless, the people at Agari and the community bring it all together. It is so exciting to see individuals from all teams, including the Agari pets, join for lunches, company picnics, all-hands meetings, and birthday celebrations. It makes every day in the office better once you change an unfamiliar face to a known colleague and friend.

Making the Most Out of My Internship Experience

Entering as a summer intern, I questioned how much could I truly learn in only three months. I’m proud to say that I’ve learned more than I expected. Not only did I receive clarity on the concepts behind marketing, but I also discovered distinct roles that enable the team to be successful. With employees in product marketing, demand generation, sales development, and more, I quickly learned the basics of each role and narrowed my future career path into something perfect for my interests — digital and content marketing.

To make this internship worthwhile, here are some tips I reminded myself along the way:

Start Conversations with Your Coworkers

You never know what you can learn from others. Get to know your team members and introduce yourself to people in the office, no matter which department they work in. The whole point of the internship is to gain valuable work experience. This strategy allowed me to develop connections for future references, plus I made friends outside the office.

Ask for Help

You’re not here to impress anyone, you’re here to learn. At the beginning of my internship, I had no idea what 75% of the topics or acronyms meant during meetings. I met one-on-one with my team to help me understand the basics of email security, how the Agari products work, and which marketing strategies are needed to meet company and team goals.

Accept Every Opportunity to Learn Something New

Be excited and engaged when something new comes. Don’t hesitate to let your team members know that you want to be involved in new projects. By learning a little bit about everything, I became comfortable in my new niche and solidified my interest in digital marketing.

Try Your Best

Give it your all — even 110%. You’re only here for a short amount of time, so use the time wisely to learn everything you need to know. Not only does this give you a sense of pride and accomplishment, but you can also learn valuable skills towards your career path.

The last three months at Agari have been extremely beneficial to me as I complete my degree and discover how I want to move forward in my career. If you have the chance to become an Agari intern, I hope you take it. Trust me, you want to experience this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Agari is hiring! Check out the careers page to see if there is a role that matches your skills.




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