Employee-Reported Phishing Attacks Climb 65%, Clobbering SOC Teams

Outbreak: Phish Most Foul

Phishing attacks, business email compromise (BEC) scams, and other advanced email threats have accounted for more than $8.6 billion in annual business losses since 2016 — more than $26 billion in total. Then came 2020. Data captured in our report shows a 3,000% increase in email attacks from early-March through mid-June. And the FBI reports it has already received more complaints about phishing and other online scams than all of 2019.

Automated Phishing Response to the Rescue?

According to the companies included in our mid-year survey, automation is critical to preventing these kinds of incursions from ever happening, and dramatically reducing detection and containment times for those that do.

Conquering a Countdown to Disaster

For organizations in our survey, this isn’t just about ferreting out more phishing emails to avoid breaches and phishing schemes. It’s also about doing it faster.



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