Email Security: Agari Delivers a Whole New Level of Actionable Insight to Outpace Threat Actors

Hybrid Email Environments: One Console to Protect Them All

Nowhere is this more urgent than in rapidly evolving cloud environments. Today, many large organizations combine public, private, and on-premise resources to reduce costs and scale innovation, while keeping critical data on-premise to meet specific business and regulatory requirements.

Dialing Up Defenses With Expanded DMARC Data

Enhancements to Agari Brand Protection™ include a dramatic expansion of our global DMARC data network to several thousand new ISPs and third-party providers worldwide.

Portal Power: Real-Time Intel on the Threats Targeting Your Company

One of the things that has me most excited about our Winter Release is the launch of Agari Active Defense’s threat portal. Now, customers will have access to real-time threat data and historical trend lines on the specific phishing and BEC attacks their organizations.

Work Smarter: Integrating
Agari Threat Data into Splunk, XSOAR & Sentinel

It’s no secret that today’s security skills shortage means SOC teams often lack the people and scalable processes to keep pace with an escalating volume of alerts and never-ending security tasks. On their own, the SIEM and SOAR tools they use often lack out-of-the-box, email-specific workflows and can be limited in their ability to support prioritization, forensic analysis, impact analysis, triage, remediation and reporting.

Avoiding the Blame Game

As you can see, our latest enhancements provide our customers and their teams with a whole new level of insight into the specific threats their organizations face, and the situational awareness they need to stay ahead of the bad guys before it costs them big.



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Agari is the Trusted Email Identity Company™, protecting companies and people from phishing and socially-engineered email attacks.