DMARC and Lookalike Domains: How to Protect Your Customers from Getting Duped

Account Takeovers Aren’t All Created Equal

While there is a nominal cost involved with registering close-cousin domains, they do hold key advantages for email fraudsters. For one thing, they’re easy to set up and hard for impersonated brands to detect. For another, they can help the perpetrators more masterfully bilk targets when integrated with account takeover (ATO)-based attacks.

Lookalike Domains Do Lasting Damage

What do you think this incident did to the relationship between the Chinese VC firm and the Israeli startup? Even when both sides are victims, the financial damage and the publicity generated by impersonation attacks can be brutal.

Why DMARC Alone Can’t Protect You

To defend themselves, it’s essential that brands take steps to prevent email-based brand impersonation. But for many companies, that can be easier said than done.

Kicking Imposters Where It Counts

According to Forrester Research, implementing proper brand protection can pay off. Not only do impersonations drop precipitously, but so do the costs associated with finding and shutting down phishing sites, crisis management, legal services and more.



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