Dealing with the Global Threat of BEC Attacks as Cybercriminals Go International

International Incidents Take Center Stage

It doesn’t take much to see that this problem is an international one. There have already been warnings that Russian hacking groups are targeting government, media, and political organizations across Europe as part of a cyber espionage campaign ahead of upcoming elections.

Financial Services and Healthcare Remain Prime Targets

While financial services and healthcare are the two most-targeted industries in the US, little changes once you leave North America. An upsurge in phishing messages has been targeting customers of DBS Bank in Singapore. The messages purport to come from the bank and feature links to sites where they are then asked to enter bank account details, victims would soon discover that payees were added to their bank accounts and unauthorized transactions were made.

International Defense Parameters are Critical

Businesses in every geography are at risk of critical breaches and financial loss due to email phishing attacks. And they continue to be among the most frequent types of cybercrimes perpetrated against them That’s why it’s so important to have the proper defenses in place to prevent business email compromise and related attacks from being successful.



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