CISOs, Conversations, and Cabernet: A Look Back at Trust 2019

3 min readJun 18, 2019


Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally found on the Agari Email Security blog.

Six months ago, Agari rolled out a brand new vision — a vision focused on the idea of trusting your inbox with the Agari Secure Email Cloud. Combined with announcements about our new Agari Incident Response product and the newly formed Agari Cyber Intelligence Division, this vision provided an opportunity for us to reshape our thinking around email security.

Every single day since we shared that vision with the world, I’ve been determined to help it expand its presence. You’ve seen it across Agari, in our booths at industry events, throughout our website, and even on this blog. It has been present across social media and in our conversations with customers.

There has been no denying that Agari is on a mission to protect digital communications so that humanity can persevere over evil. Last week we took it to a higher level with Trust 2019, the Next-Generation Email Security Conference for Agari Customers.

Trust, A Next-Generation Event

Leading information security leaders, cybersecurity analysts, and email security practitioners gathered last week in Napa, California to meet one another, speak with the Agari leadership team, and learn about next-generation email security to see what it could do for their organizations.

Keynote speaker Kevin Poulsen shared how cybercrimes are becoming more prevalent and how criminals throughout the world are making big bucks — simply by taking advantage of the basic flaws in email. And Jim Routh, head of Enterprise Information Risk Management at MassMutual, emphasized the need for a risk-driven security program to embrace the design of security controls based on how threat actors tactics evolve.

And while we learned about email security best practices from representatives at Informatica, Wish, Snowflake, and more, this event included much more.

Announcing our Trust 2019 Award Winners

As part of our customer appreciation dinner at Chimney Rock Winery, Agari debuted our first ever Trust Awards, designed to recognize bold and innovative approaches to next-generation email security. Congratulations to each of our winners!

Best Implementation of Agari Brand Protection™: eBay
Best Implementation of Agari Advanced Threat Protection™: Honeywell
Best Implementation of Agari Incident Response™: Vecellio Group
Best Implementation of Agari Secure Email Cloud™: Baxter
Agari CISO Partner of the Year: Jim Routh, MassMutual and Irwan Tjan, Nordstrom

Winners were chosen from a number of nominees, each who are pioneering new and novel ways to protect their companies from cybercrime. We are thrilled to have each of them as customers, and we look forward to continuing to recognize their success in the coming years.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Trust 2019 was our most successful customer conference to date — a unique and refreshing opportunity for attendees to share candid perspectives on how they are approaching next-generation threats. I am proud to be part of a team that is helping to cultivate an ecosystem where senior security leaders can discuss real-world strategies to stopping cybercrime.

So what’s next? Good question.

Agari isn’t quitting anytime soon. As long as there are cybercriminals focused on using email to trick your employees, steal your sensitive data, and destroy your brand reputation, Agari will be here to stop them.

Our promise to you is that we’ll continue to share our best thinking, our innovative technology, and our bold endeavors into AI so that we can protect your customers, employees, partners, and more — together.

The next Next-Generation Email Security Conference will provide that stage. Stay tuned for more details on what to expect at Trust 2020.

For more information on Trust 2019, check out our press release with a recap of the event.




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