Business Email Compromise (BEC): Security Risks from your ‘Out-of-Office’ Reply

An ‘Out of Office’ Bonanza for BEC Rings

Think about it. While out-of-office replies assure people that you aren’t ignoring their emails, they also provide cybercriminals with valuable intel.

Phishing: The First Cut’s Never The Deepest

If perpetrators manage to infiltrate even a single employee email account as part of these schemes, they gain access to all of the account owner’s contacts, as well as archived and ongoing email conversations (including out-of-office messages from colleagues, customers, and others) that can be mined for far more remunerative attacks.

The Answer: Training and Technology

There are steps organizations can take to help mitigate the risk of falling victim to these and other advanced email attacks.

Avoiding the Post-Vacation Blues

According to the FBI, BEC attacks now account for half of all losses from cybercrime. And data in our latest trends report shows 31% of all BEC attacks impersonate specific individuals, up from just 12% during the first half of 2019.



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