BIMI Moves Forward as Google Commits to Pilot Program

Brand Imposters Invading the Inbox

It’s no secret that email is 40X more effective at acquiring new customers than any other digital channels. According to recent industry studies by Hubspot, up to seventy-two percent of consumers, and 86% of B2B audiences, say they prefer email for communication with the brands with which they do business. And these days, companies generate at least $38 for every $1 spent in email, which is by far the highest ROI of any digital medium.

BIMI Packs Big Benefits

First introduced in March 2018, BIMI was developed by the AuthIndicatator’s Working Group, a vendor-neutral committee of companies including Agari, that is working to create a richer, more trustworthy inbox experience for all email users worldwide, while increasing the use of authentication to reduce email fraud.

Adoption Rates Are Skyrocketing

Google’s pilot of BIMI is expected to launch in 2020, and it comes at a fortuitous time. Groupon, Air Canada, Aetna, eBay, and Capital One are just a few of the major consumer brands that have adopted BIMI.



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