BEC Scams: Healthcare Providers Reeling from Coronavirus-Themed Email Attacks

‘Fearware’ is Spreading Fast

The fact is, email attacks exploiting concerns over COVID-19 have grown so common in the past four weeks that the tactic now has its own moniker: “Fearware.” And malware isn’t its only con.

BEC: Expanding the Hot Zone

I suspect the next wave of email schemes will be even harder for traditional email security controls and overworked employees to detect. Before the pandemic, we were already seeing a growing number of scams that use legitimate links to OneDrive or SharePoint accounts with malware-infected documents awaiting download by unsuspecting victims.

A Sector Under Continuous Attack

There is a catch to all of this, however. Truth be told, the pandemic is really just amplifying the kind of email security risks organizations in the healthcare sector face all the time.

Inoculating the Inbox

Findings from the Brigham study point to reasons why hospitals in particular face a difficult challenge protecting themselves from advanced email threats even under “normal” circumstances — let alone during the treacherous weeks ahead.



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