2020 Election Survey: 60% of Voters May Reject Candidates Who Fall Victim to Phishing

2016 DNC Hack Stokes Fears in 2020

The damage done by hackers who infiltrated the Democratic National Committee’s email servers cannot be overstated. According to our survey, 30% of registered voters believe the impact of weaponized emails stolen from those servers was enough to change the outcome of the 2016 election.

79% Wary of Donating to Campaigns After Receiving Fake Emails

Consternation over 2016 may also dampen campaign fundraising and voter turnout efforts. Threat actors who successfully infiltrate or spoof campaign email accounts, for instance, can impersonate candidates or key staff members in fraudulent emails targeting donors, voters, or the press.

Taking the Bait: Emerging Election Season Phishing Tactics

The only thing that seems to have changed since 2016 is the sophistication of new email attacks.

Top Contenders Keep Coming Up Short

In fact, only one of the 13 candidates currently polling above 1% — Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA) — has implemented the necessary precautions to prevent attacks on campaign staff, donors, voters, the press and others, according to our 2020 Election Security Tracker.

Snatching Victory from Deceit

And forget victim or beneficiary here — simply being hacked could be a deal-breaker in this election cycle.



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